Welcome to Divinity-X's Download Center! Here you'll find a few downloads for you to pick from that might come in useful.

Below you'll find the most important downloads for Divinity-X, on the top bar under "More Downloads" you'll find others such as Mac App and a client torrent.


Click here to download the latest version of Patch-P! Divinity-X's custom patch to add items, morphs, gameobjects and much much more!

Download Patch-P v2.6! »

Download Patch-P v2.5

Download Patch-P v2.4

Direct Downloads: 2.6 | 2.5 | 2.4

Place these files into your /Data/ folder.

These should be the only patches above 13625 in your folder!

Delete both cache folders in /Cache/ and /Data/Cache/ after installment.


Looking for our WoW.exe? Here it is! This executeable is best when using our 4.0.6a All-GM Roleplay Realm, which fixes many client to server problems that naturally occur, such as the inability to use !cheat fly.

Download Executeable »

Place straight into the client's first directory.

Always Run as Administrator, to do this Right->Click into Properties and alter settings under Compatibility.

Divinity-X Official Client

This is our Official Divinity-X Client, currently downloadable via Torrent using a P2P client such as uTorrent, it includes everything needed to play on Divinity-X, including all Patch-P patches up to v2.6!

Download DivX Client »

Run WoW.exe, using your account information from our registration page.